Clic-Light helps users of cycles and motorcycles to be seen thanks to a display system of light signals, similar to those of a car, harnessed on their back.
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Designed to synchronise with the ‘stop and flashing lights’ of the motorcycle taillight system.
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Clic-Light can be used with any brand or model of scooter, monowheel, cycle including motorcycles equipped with onboard computers.
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High visibility at any riding angle

The system’s unique braking and direction signalling system provides high visibility at any riding angle and alerts traffic following behind to where you are going, whether on busy roads or in a bad light. Bicycle and Scooter riders negotiating busy traffic stay confidently in control as their hands remain on the handlebars while letting vehicles and pedestrians know when they are turning.

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Clic-Light is designed to synchronise with the ‘stop and flashing lights’ of the motorcycle’s taillight system in a high position, it is always in the sightline of the following road user.

Seen, Safe and Confident

Lack of visibility remains the main factor of accidents. Drivers sometimes don't pay attention to 2-Wheels, especially in large cities that are constantly congested. In winter, the risks are greater, the night falls faster and the weather conditions deteriorate, putting Motorcyclists and Cyclists at risk.

Wearable Safety Light System

Clic-Light is waterproof, remains operational in any weather conditions and in temperatures from -10o to +50o. It can be seen from 400 meters away at night. Its USB-C type cord charges at any regular power outlet and the Clic-Light can be used for more than ten days.

Combines the ultimate in visibility with comfort

Where other standard light systems are attached to a helmet, Clic-Light is carried on the back of the user within a lightweight harness, giving other road users an excellent line of sight. Wearable over any clothing or backpack (backpack harness available separately), it combines the ultimate in visibility with comfort and it is perfect for commuting too.
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